Thursday, May 10
(sessions at IPHT, Beutenberg campus)
12:30 Registration
13:00 Pre-Symposium Workshop "DNA-based water pathogen detection" (Project presentations from AquaTest and RiMaTH) Wolfgang Fritzsche
Wolfgang Fritzsche (IPHT) Introduction

Nathalie Herlin (CEA) Laser pyrolysis for the synthesis of titanium oxide based nanoparticles

Francesc Prenafeta (IRTA Barcelona) A PCR-based molecular toolbox for characterization in bioreactors for the treatment of organic wastes

Rishi Shanker (IITR Lucknow) DNA-based water pathogen detection

Jussi Toppari (Univ. Jyväskylä) Novel electrical DNA-detection approaches
= coffee break =
Stefanie Treppner (IPHT) Risk Management In Drinking Water House Installation

Other presentations from the RiMaTH consortium (
19:30 Come-together "Scala" restaurant (downtown)
Friday, May 11
(sessions at IPHT, Beutenberg campus)
08:00 Pickup at hotel (meet at the lobby) for transfer by public transportation to the IPHT (Beutenberg Campus) / Registration
09:00 Chair: Wolfgang Fritzsche
Christophe Lavelle (Mus.Nat.Hist. Paris) Forces and torques in the nucleus: main causes and consequences

Mike Heller (UCSD) Electrokinetic Sample to Answer Devices for DNA diagnostics

Christian Leiterer (IPHT) Integration of nanostructures using AC fields for low-cost electrical sensing of optical or chemical signals

Kannan Balasubramanian (MPI Stuttgart) Direct label-free detection of nucleic acids using carbon nanotube biosensors

Susanne Pahlow (IPHT) A novel bioassay for the rapid detection of E. coli using magnetic beads and enzymatically generated silver nanoflowers
= lunch =
13:00 Chair: Mike Heller
Matteo Castronovo (CRO Avianao) Controlling enzyme diffusion and reactions inside DNA nanostructures

Francesco Ricci (Univ. Rome) Nature-inspired electrochem. and optical DNA-based biosensors for detection of tumor biomarkers

= coffee break =
Elena Ferapontova (Aarhus University) Electrochemical beacon genosensors for cancer diagnostics

Ulrich Rant (TU Munich) Analysis of proteins and nucleic acids on a chip with electrically switchable DNA-levers
= coffee break & posters =
17:00 Orchid excursion
ca. 19:00 Thuringian (Barbeque) Dinner at Maxx Hotel
Saturday, May 12
09:00 Chair: Ulrich Rant

Jussi Toppari (Jyväskylä) Characterization of conductance mechanisms of self-assembled DNA structures by AC impedance spectroscopy

Anton Kuzyk (TU Munich) DNA-based assembly of plasmonic structures with tailored optical response

Christian Engst (LMU Munich) DNA origami nanopores
= coffee break =
Volker Deckert (IPHT) Molecular recognition and sub-nanometer lateral resolution

Yuqiang Wu (MPI Erlangen) Programmable DNA detection by whispering gallery mode resonator using toehold exchange
Ca. 12:00 End of Scientific Program, Lunch